Pine Valley Lodge
Monday, July 15, 2024

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In the days of the Old West, inns were built at various stopovers where weary travelers could recover from the dusty, teeth-rattling, and cramped quarters of overland stagecoaches.   With its quaint rooms, weathered boardwalks, and authentic ranch home feel, Pine Valley Lodge has captured the spirit of an Old West stagestop.

Sit in one of our rocking chairs and watch time go by.  Take a siesta in the hammock.  Catch up on your reading. Let your soul breathe.

Newfrontroom_rustic.jpgFar away from the din of modern life lies Pine Valley Lodge, a rustic Western inn located on Main Street in the quiet ranching community of Halfway, Oregon.   Whether you are exploring the ghost towns of historic Eastern Oregon, taking in the beauty of the Hells Canyon Scenic Route, or simply looking to get away from it all, Pine Valley Lodge is your comfortable escape to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.


Pine Valley Lodge



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