Pine Valley Lodge
Sunday, March 03, 2024

Reviews and Accolades

Having been here in the Pine Valley for a few years means we've been visited by many travel magazines, T.V. and newspaper personalities and been reviewed in many publications. Here are just a few of those remarks . . .

"Crisp cotton sheets and eiderdown quilts on handcrafted beds signal quality that usually costs a lot more than you'll pay at this high-desert oasis in Oregon's northeast corner."


Oregon's Best Small Inns & Hotels

"This lodge is everything that contemporary rustic Western lodges wish they could be. . .conjures up the image of an old stage stop with its unusual architecture, while unique details add a very personal feel."

"Stepping into the Pine valley Lodge is like following Alice through the looking glass. [sic] Try a night at the Lodge, you may run out of superlatives, but it's worth the risk!"
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